State Quarter Map

State Quarter maps only $17.95 and $49.95 with 45 State Quarters. Black glossy background with quarters around edges. Map in center details state name, date of statehood and state capitol. Uncirculated Quarter sets and Circulated quarters available to fill your map.

This map is very heavy. It weighs about 3 lbs and is not foldable. It is approximately 20X30 inches in size. The US map is a white overlay over a US flag with all 50 quarters mounted on the border of the display. The map display is so beautiful we have had customers order these from England and pay the extra $20.00 in shipping to get them there. The map has an educational chart on the back and qualifies to ship by media mail in the US so our shipping is not extra even though the map is very heavy. We have a limited quantity available and will sell them while the supply lasts.

This beautiful State Quarter Map will display 50 quarters, one from each state. The states are all displayed in a map centered on a background of the United States flag. This map is a wonderful way to display all 50 State Quarters you receive from the mint or purchase from State Quarter. This deluxe display is not folded so it is ready for wall mounting and very sturdy.

The back of the state quarter map has facts of each of the 50 States. This includes the state nickname, capitol, state bird, state flower, state tree, and state song.

Click the images to the left to see a larger view of the map.

 On Sale Only $17.95
Black State Quarter Map
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  $29.95  45 State Quarter Set
1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 Quarter Sets. These 9 sets of circulated quarters will fill your map up to the end of 2007. Quarters are pulled from circulation. Uncirculated quarters may be substituted if circulated quarters are not available. Complete 50 quarter map set will be available in December of 2008. You will find the following quarters included:

1999 Delaware DE Pennsylvania PA New Jersey NJ Georgia GA Connecticut CT
2000 Massachusetts MA Maryland MD South Carolina SC New Hampshire NH Virginia VA
2001 New York NY North Carolina NC Rhode Island RI Vermont VT Kentucky KY
2002 Tennessee TN Ohio OH Louisiana LA Indiana IN Mississippi MS
2003 Illinois IL Alabama AL Maine ME Missouri MO Arkansas AR
2004 Michigan MI Florida FL Texas TX Iowa IA Wisconsin WI
2005 California CA Minnesota MN Oregon OR Kansas KS West Virginia WV
2006 Nevada NV Nebraska NE Colorado CO North Dakota ND South Dakota SD
2007 Montana MT Washington WA Idaho ID Wyoming WY Utah UT


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