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America the Beautiful 2010 Coins is your complete information and purchasing center for circulated and uncirculated state quarters, DC & Territory quarters, and the new America the Beautiful (National Parks and Historic Sites) quarter sets as well as collectible coin spoon and jewelry for all of the above. 

    Feel free to browse our site using the buttons on the left and the links on this page to purchase merchandise or to find information on state, DC & Territory and America the Beautiful quarters, other coins, and related supplies.

    Celebrate our 50 states with the U.S. Mint's 50 State Quarters™ Program. Thanks to this innovative ten-year program, every 10 weeks you will see a new state's quarter - released in the order the states joined the Union.

Every coin is unique, as is every state's design selection process. Buy single coins or complete rolls. Pricing is of course less per coin if you buy a roll. Look in our sets and groups to find 20 coin and 40 coin 4 year quarter sets in a display with facts and flags.

We also offer coin jewelry and other coins for sale. You will find the golden dollar and we will be offering jewelry made with dollars as well as quarters. We offer belt buckles, bola ties, necklaces and key chains made from coins. These are all beautiful and priced much lower than you might expect.

One of oldest offerings is the colonial spoon set. This set has 13 collectable spoons and a beautiful display case. Normally this item sells for over $180.00. You can purchase it now for only $99.95 if you order the collection with the black display case.

Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Order a set of 50 spoon blankss ready recieve your own state quarters from our spoon supplies page. Just insert your own quarter in the spoon and display in your spoon case or purchase a spoon case from us. By ordering all 50 spoons you will guarantee you will have a complete set.

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