DC & Territory Quarters

The DC & Territory Quarter Program of 2009 is a six-coin set honoring our the five U.S. Territories and the District of Columbia, Washington DC. The first coin released in the series is the DC coin, which portrays a likeness of native son Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, the internationally renowned composer and musician, seated at a grand piano with the inscriptions, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, DUKE ELLINGTON and JUSTICE FOR ALL, the District's motto.

For more information about each of the coins in the series, click each of the graphic banners below, or go directly to the 2009 coin order page to order the coins now.

You can also order 2009 spoons and spoon sets.

 The District of Columbia Quarter Home Page

the Puerto Rico quarter home page

The Guam Quarter home page

The American Samoa Quarter home page

The US Virgin Islands Quarter home page

The Northern Mariana Islands Quarter home page


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