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Kentucky State Quarter
The Kentucky quarter's reverse features Federal Hill, or "My Old Kentucky Home," with a race horse behind a fence.


The Kentucky quarter, the fifth and last quarter in the 2001 series, shows the stately mansion, Federal Hill, with an inscription that reads, "My Old Kentucky Home." A thoroughbred racehorse is positioned behind a fence in the foreground of the quarter.

Kentucky was the first state on the western frontier to join the Union and is one of four states to call itself a "commonwealth." Kentucky is home of the longest running annual horse race in the country, the Kentucky Derby. The famous Kentucky Bluegrass country is also grazing ground for some of the world's finest racehorses. Also featured on the new quarter is another prominent symbol of Kentucky, Federal Hill, which has become known as "My Old Kentucky Home." The design shows a side view of the famous Bardstown home where Stephen Foster wrote the state song, "My Old Kentucky Home."

Kentucky's First Lady Judi Patton led the Kentucky Quarter Project Committee. The Committee received 1,800 design suggestions statewide and narrowed the submissions down to 12 finalists. The final designs were displayed in the front lobby of the Capitol and over the Internet from June 15-17, 1999. Over 50,000 residents of Kentucky cast votes for their favorite concepts that included My Old Kentucky Home, a horse and a jockey, Abraham Lincoln's birthplace, and Daniel Boone. Governor Paul E. Patton selected the final design that features "My Old Kentucky Home."

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