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The New Hampshire quarter's reverse showcases the rock formation, "The Old Man of the Mountain.

The New Hampshire quarter, the ninth coin released under the 50 State Quarters™ Program, honors one of the state's most unique natural attractions, "The Old Man of the Mountain. " The states motto, "Live free or die," and nine stars, representing New Hampshire being the ninth state to ratify the Constitution, complete the design.

"The Old Man of the Mountain" is a rock formation that can be found on Mt. Cannon in the Franconia Notch gateway to Northern New Hampshire. From the right view, this unique rock formation, comprised of five layers of Conway red granite, depicts the distinct profile of an elderly man gazing eastward. Geographers believe that the layers of granite were positioned by the melting and slipping away action of an ice sheet that covered the Franconia Mountains at the end of the glacial period - some 2,000 to 10,000 years ago. Today, the formation, measuring over 40 feet high with a lateral distance of 25 feet, is held in place by cables and turnbuckles to prevent further slipping and possible destruction.

The "formation" of the New Hampshire quarter design began when New Hampshire Governor Jeanne Shaheen established a Commemorative Quarter Committee with representatives from the Department of Cultural Affairs, Arts Educators, Numismatics, Historical Societies, the Senate and House and New Hampshire citizens. The Committee opened a competition to all New Hampshire residents to submit design concepts for the New Hampshire quarter and even created a Web site to broadcast the selection process and other information about the program.

Governor Shaheen then forwarded the final design concept selection honoring "The Old Man of the Mountain" to the Secretary of the Treasury who gave final approval.

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