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Massachusetts State Quarter
The Massachusetts quarter's reverse
bears a likeness of the celebrated
Minuteman of the American Revolution against an outline of the state.

The Massachusetts quarter, the first quarter of the new millennium, features a design of "The Minuteman," a famous statue that stands guard at The Minuteman National Historical Park in Concord, Massachusetts.

The selected design captures a piece of the Bay State's exceptional history. The Minutemen played a big role in protecting our nation, as they rallied together to help defeat the British during the Revolutionary War. These small, influential forces consisting of regular farmers and colonists, were always at-the-ready and were trained to assemble and fight on just a minute's notice-hence the term 'minutemen'.

In February 1998, Governor Paul Cellucci initiated a unique contest encouraging Massachusetts elementary school students to submit designs for the state's commemorative quarter - and more than 100 did! A 10-member advisory council then narrowed the finalist field to five proposals. After receiving final approval from former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, Governor Cellucci and Lt. Governor Jane Swift announced the selected design concept in June 1999. The Minuteman design concept was submitted by a sixth grader and a seventh grader. So far, Massachusetts remains the only state to limit its design contest to children.

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