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Georgia State Quarter
The Georgia quarter's reverse celebrates the state's geographical outline, motto, tree, and nickname.

The Georgia quarter, the fourth quarter released under the 50 State Quarters™ Program, is a real peach. The selected design incorporates several symbols associated with this traditional, yet very diverse southern state.

Just from studying the Georgia quarter design, one can learn a lot about the fourth state of the Union. The selected design prominently features the peach - a symbol long associated with the state - within the confines of a silhouetted outline of the state. Live Oak sprigs boarder the central design paying homage to the official state tree, the Live Oak. And if you ever need to know the Georgia state motto, simply look across the top of the design, where the words "Wisdom, Justice, Moderation," grace a hanging banner.

The selection process for the Georgia quarter was initiated when Georgia Governor Zell Miller tasked the Georgia Council for the Arts with the development and selection of the Georgia circulating quarter design. The Council responded by submitting five design concepts to the United States Mint. Of these five designs, four candidates were reviewed and recommended by the Citizens Commemorative Coin Advisory Committee and the Fine Arts Commission, and approved by the Secretary of the Treasury for use on the 1999 Georgia quarter. Upon receipt and careful review of the designs, Governor Miller selected the featured design.

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